Thursday, April 8, 2010


The most exciting thing that has happened to me since arriving in Italy happened today.  No, it's not a beautiful view, delicious food item, or art discovery.  I did in fact get to see the award-winning, one of the greatest, my old-man crush Robert Downey Jr today from about 3 feet away! Let me start from the beginning of my day...

It was just an average day in Firenze.  I had my class on Medici at San Lorenzo which is where major members of the Medici family are buried.  The Medici family basically ruled Florence for about 200 years, though unofficially, and had a major impact on the aesthetic of the town.  So it was getting to be a very long 2.5 hours of class.  I'd gone into full daydream mode.  Class finally ended and people headed out.  Then I notice a few classmates slowing down and forming a bit of a clump at the end of the walkway.  I headed over and recieved a "Look, it's Robert Downey Jr!!!" And it totally was! Sitting next to his son, wearing a purple hat and velvet pants, looking entirely inconspicuous.  Nobody else seemed to notice him except the increasingly large group of my classmates that blatantly stared.  He went to another part of the church and we lost him.  But there was only one way out and so we saw him again and rather creepily followed at a distance into a market.  Then we realized we were totally stalking him and quickly quit that.  BUT OH MY GOSH! IT WAS SO COOL!  What I couldn't get over was how we were the only ones to notice him! Maybe Italians aren't as big on him or perhaps, kinder to celebrities or something.  I don't know, but seeing him totally made my day, my week, etc.  I had a quiz in Italian this afternoon and am now using the free internet to take care of things for school and next semester.

The last couple of days have had ups and downs.  I have a head cold so life hasn't been that exciting outside of class.  But I'm feeling better and can't wait for the weekend.  Yesterday was definitely an up.  We went to San Miniato for class.  It's this beautiful church up on a hill with spectacular views of the mountains and Florence.  It was 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  Pretty awesome.  After class we walked to a piazza, grabbed some gelatto, and baked in the warmth. 

Today I've been trying to figure out registering for classes next fall.  I only have one in-class class (in addition to a thesis and research project) and I can't figure out what to take given that I've fulfilled all of my major/minor requirements. An odd problem but proving to be a bit of a challenge.  I'll probably do some homework tonight and go to bed early.  I have a super early start tomorrow because we are going to Siena for the day! It should be fun.  I'm spending the weekend in Florence but then the weekend after is Rome! So excited.  I've promised mom to blog more. Apparently I've been slacking so I'll do my best. 

Ciao from a very weird but good day in Italia.

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