Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Singing in the Rain

It's gloooomy in Firenze today.  It's been pouring since I woke up.  Only 18 days left in Italy. This weather is so not acceptable!  For a number of dull reasons, I moved my flight up to Saturday May 22nd.  I'll have about 36 hours of travel (I can't do math but that's my best guess taking into account time changes) to make it home and I'm going to start mentally preparing for it now.  (bus to Florence train station, hour long bus to Pisa, flight from Pisa to London Gatwick that arrives at 12:30 am, 1:50 am bus from Gatwick to Heathrow, chilling in the airport for about  9 hours, flight from Heathrow to Philadelphia at noon, two hour layover in PA, flight to Chicago arriving at approximately 7:22 pm).  Brutal, but as mom said, thank God I'm young and like to read.  

I have absolutely no idea where the time went this semester.  It flew.  Soon I will be home and then a week later back to Lake Forest to work for the summer.  I'm trying to take each of my remaining days here day by day and not worry about the diminishing time. 

I feel like life is going by soo fast these days.  I have one semester left of college! Eek! Many of my friends from the Forest are graduating this week and headed out into the real world.  Last year I was able to say, whew, glad I don't have to face that reality so soon.  This year, that doesn't really fly.  Congrats to my graduating seniors! The Forest just won't be the same. 

Oh and last night I went to see Iron Man 2.  There's a movie theater that shows films in english once a week.  It was pretty good, though not as good as the first one.  Continued love for Robert Downey Jr.  I have a long art history class this afternoon.  I'm not going to lie, about 30 min into an art history class my eyes start to glaze over and I turn to whatever day dream comes to mind.  But we were promised hot chocolate this afternoon so I'm hoping that'll be proper motivation to pay attention.  I'm taking all of my classes in Italy for CR, meaning I need a C or higher to pass.  And they don't count towards my GPA.  I've never been a less dedicated student in my life as a result.  Ha, but I'll be back to the grindstone soon enough.  

Here's what's left:  Three more classes through Thursday.  Three day weekend that will include a trip to the Cinque Terre and a celebration of Notte Blu. (Details to come on what exactly I'm talking about.)  One last full week of classes and paper writing.  Weekend trip to Venice.  Finals. Packing. Flight to London. Flight to Philadelphia. Home.

Deep Breaths.

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