Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day One

I'm hereeeee!

After 8 long hours in the air I have arrived in London. Actually, I arrived about 8 hours ago. My flight went really smooth. The whole travel process went really smooth. I found the tube easily in the airport and my home for the next two months is only a block away from the Earl's Court stop. Success!

I have a quad with a big closet all my own which is nice. Only one other girl has moved in yet; the other two will arrive tomorrow. The window looks out onto a patio. Everything is really green here! No snow to speak of but everything is pretty damp. The place/apartment/dorm whatever is in a very cute part of town. My bank is only a block away which is nice. I just picked up a phone to use within the UK so I'm all set. A few of us went grocery shopping and picked up some essentials like shampoo. I bought a bottle of wine and didn't get carded, which as a 20-year-old American felt pretty damn cool.

While London might not be a huge culture shock from the U.S., I have noticed that everything is just a little bit different, a little off from what I'm used to. Pounds will take some adjustment as well. It's a little weird in 270 (that's what I'm going to start referring to the apartment as). People all have weird sleep patterns due to jet lag and the getting to know you process has just started to kick off. It will be nice to have a routine.

A couple of us put our money together so we'll be making pasta for dinner. And then a big group of us are going out to a pub tonight. Should be a good time. Everyone will arrive by tomorrow. I'm excited.

Miss you all.


  1. is your job opening the wine? Well i miss you already! I'm glad you like it all so far. Now you need to let me know what the men are like (notice i said men, not boys). Joe says hello and i'm busy trying to find a new friend. Why does it have to be soo hard?

  2. My job is always to open the wine! I miss you too! Skype date soon?!