Friday, January 29, 2010

Mind the Gap

Well, it's Friday thank goodness. We just had one class today, our theater class. I am really starting to love that class. The combination of theater and english is totally up my alley. Now I'm hunkered down in a cafe with free wifi attempting to write a paper. I'm procrastinating and listening to the Lady Antebellum cd, which is fantastic btw. Last night a couple of us ended up going out to a pub, The Pembroke. We closed the night at O'Neill's, an Irish themed pub. It was really chill and lovely. I tried a Guiness....yeah I'm not a fan. I think I need to officially give up on beer in general.

Tonight I'm going out with my friend Anna and meeting up with some friends she knows from home. Tomorrow we are going on a bus tour of Stonehenge and Bath! So excited! It's just for the day. I can't believe I'll have been here for a week as of tomorrow!



  1. Guinness is an acquired taste. I takes more than one pint, and more than one night. On the other hand, if you stop drinking Guinness, then there'll be more for the rest of us!


  2. Only a week? Seems like you've been gone for a month. . .or maybe several.