Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stonehenge and Bath Road Trip

Who knew a pile of rocks could be so interesting? Well now I do.

Yesterday, seven of us ACM kids (after a bit of trouble finding the bus) boarded the bus to Stonehenge. It was about a 2 hour drive. After having a bit of a late/rough night on Friday we pretty much slept most of the way there. But when I was awake I got to see some really pretty views of the countryside. I think I saw just about every barnyard creature that they have in Britain. Massive amounts of sheep, pigs, cows, horses, etc. So pretty.

When we did get to Stonehenge I got about one photo in before my camera batteries died. Epic fail. But my buddies got plenty so I'll be mooching. Stonehenge is really cool. A bit smaller than I expected, but still pretty neat. The weather was fantastic yesterday so that helped. It was cold but there were blue skies and plenty of sun. How old everything is in Britain strikes me everytime we see something new. All my group could comment on yesterday was A. CAN YOU BELIEVE WE'RE HERE?! Ahhh! and B. I can still can't get over how OLD it is!

After poking about Stonehenge for a bit, we boarded the bus for another hour long drive to Bath. The entire trip there was breathtaking. But I hadn't seen anything yet. Omg. When I finally laid eyes on Bath I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was. This was the picture of old-school Britain that I have in my head everytime I read Jane Austen or any other 19th century British author. I english-major geeked-out big time. We got to go see the Roman Baths which were neat and poked around Bath for a bit. I definitely need to go back. I need more time to explore this cityyyy. Then there was a 2.5 hour bus ride home.

At this point I was physically exhausted. We had been go, go going all week. So a chill night it was. We hung out at a pub for a couple of hours and I came home by 10. Skyped a bit (Got to talk to Meghan! Yay!) and crashed. 12 hours of sleep later and I am feeling great and restored. Today is a catch-up, homework day. I think I'll go find a cafe to camp down and read in.

I feel very disconnected from America. I need to read a newspaper or turn on CNN or something. So out of touch. So, I hope there have been no major disasters that I've been utterly ignorant of. Please keep me updated with your lives, dear readers whoever you are.

Off to get the day started.

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  1. Don't worry too much about being disconnected from news from here. Its more of the same. We are enjoying your travels. Keep up the blogs!