Monday, February 1, 2010

Hot Chocolate and Church

It's midafternoon here. We just got back from a Sarah class. I've made some grilled cheese and a hot chocolate for what I must say was a very satisfying lunch. It's cold today, really bone-chilling cold. I'm not going to say the temperature for those back home in the midwest in the single digits because it sounds rather wimpy by comparison. But nonetheless it's cold. The temperature explains why I am back at 270 in the middle of the day. Normally after a Sarah class we do a bit of exploring on our own but today a group of us were frozen solid and too cheap to buy lunch out so back to the homestead we came.

For class today we went to Westminster Abbey. Beyond beautiful. I cannot believe the history and significance aesthetically, politically, and otherwise contained within its walls. We saw the tomb of Edward the Confessor who founded the abbey. Monuments to Keats and Eliot and Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth (!) were all there! As well as countless others. The beauty of this place has been unrivaled to me as far as man-made structures are concerned. So, for now we're resting up and defrosting. Might go explore the Tate further or head over to Notting Hill to take a look around. I'll let you know if I see Hugh Grant out and about. :p

Tonight I've got to write a paper about the Thames River. This is the start of a very busy week!

Oh, and I don't know if I mentioned it earlier but I am all booked to got to Dublin in two weeks! We have a 3-day weekend so some girls and I are headed to the land of the original Finleys.

With fingers crossed for warmer days.

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