Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Really Long Plays

So this is the week of really long plays. Last night we got a backstage tour of National Theater. It was AMAZING. There are three dynamically different stages within the theater. We got a chance to see all of them, go behind the scenes to see where sets are made, rehearsal rooms, and got hands-on time with props. Our tour guide was really informative and funny. There are over 900 people working there permanently. And this doesn't even include the actors and directors that rotate in per play. The enormity, creativeness, and sheer technical possibilities of this theater are incredible. I have no idea how this people do it, but both shows that I have seen here so far have been pretty cool.

Speaking of which, last night I saw The Pitment Painters written by the same guy that wrote Billy Elliot. I have a mixed reaction to the play. The actors were fantastic. The set really worked for the production. It was really really funny. I guess my only issue with it was, having read the play prior, there seemed to be some disjointedness and incongruity that was slightly distracting. My professor made a comment to me during the interval (what they call the intermissioni here) that made me notice the disjointedness even more. Plus, it was really really long. I expect a 3 hour play out of Shakespeare, but this was pushing it. It was a solid play but left me wanting something a bit more.

After the play we ended up at a kebab spot down the road from home. Had some fun and called it a night. Today is a chill day because tonight we are going to see Twelfth Night. I'm so excited. I love this play and have seen it before in Chicago. So it will be really cool to see it and compare to my prior experience with this play.

Glad to have gained another Finley in the country!

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