Monday, February 1, 2010

A Few Observations

Oh! I forgot that I was going to post a few observations about the British and London. Some thoughts:

  • Everything is green here! Even in the dead of winter, the grass and a number of the trees remain green. It makes everything a bit lovelier. There are parks everywhere around here too which makes the city feel, well, less like a city. When we drove out to Bath this past weekend, I was reminded a bit of home. I think I'm a country girl at the end of the day.
  • The British are much quieter than us Americans. Walking down the street or sitting on the tube, the chatter is kept to a minimum. Needless to say, we often stick out like sore thumbs even unintentionally.
  • Food often costs differently if you're eating in or "taking away" which has been odd getting used to. Also, at most of the pubs there are no waiters. You go up to the bar to order food and then somebody brings it out to you.
  • The British don't seem to ever be cold. People can be seen eating outdoors no matter the weather.
  • Instead of saying "pay attention" to something the Brits say "Mind the..." For example, every time the tube stops a woman comes over the speaker as says "Mind the Gap."
  • People can be seen running in very little clothing at all times of the day here. I swear, we went out on a Friday night and there were a couple of joggers out at like 9:30. Bizarre.
  • Refridgeration practices are different here. The first time I went grocery shopping, I couldn't find the eggs for like 10 minutes. They weren't in the refridgerated section.

Just some random ponderings on a lazy afternoon.

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