Friday, February 5, 2010

Shakespeare and Ricotta Cheese

It's FRIDAY! WOOT. This officially means I won't feel bad/guilty about spending money by going out, cuz it's the weekend and I'm allowed. Got to talk with Anna yesterday. Glad she made it safe and sound. She told me about the ridiculously cheap drink prices over there and needless to say, I'm sooo jealous. Going out here is super expensive no matter what you do, so I'm doing my best to budget my spending. I've got big things to save for. Ireland in a week and a half, a friend's 21st, and hopefully a trip to Sheffield soon. London, my friend, love you lots but wish you were cheaper and not eating away at my college student sized funding.

Anywho, Wednesday I went to see Twelfth Night at the Duke Theater being put on by The Royal Shakespeare Company. Now, I've mentioned before that I've seen this play in Chicago as well, and I've gotta say, Chicago totally beat London on this one. The play was adequate, but some weak links in major characters had me a bit frustrated. Feste, for example, had a weak voice when singing is sooo essential to the character. Gah! But it was a fun night out nonetheless.

Yesterday, I didn't have class until two because due to the nature of our field trip that day, the group was broken into two, a morning and afternoon group. I had the room all to myself! So, I blasted Sister Hazel, took my time getting ready, printed a paper, and had an overall very lovely morning. Then it was off to the National Gallery. It is beautiful. By the end of class, we all really weren't totally really in an art mood so we grabbed some gelatto (mint and chocolate chip :)) and headed back to Earl's Court. I went grocery shopping and came back to hang out. Dinner was delicious. I made spinich and ricotta tortellini and a friend contributed some veggies. Soo good. We spent the night in, just hanging out with some boys from the program. Watched some Ellen Degeneres and George Carlin standup, talked to mom on skype and called it a night.

Today I have a short class at 10 and then will spend the rest of the afternoon writing a paper for my theater class that's due on Saturday. There is noo wayy I'm spending Saturday writing a paper so, it's got to get done today. Staying in London this weekend. I want to explore. Still have seen Buckingham palace so that 's a definite stop on the list. Well I'm off to make some eggs and get the day started.

Shout out to Meg, cuz well, I just miss ya kid.

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  1. hanging out with boys huh...dam you move quick girl lol JOKING...anyways hit me up soon i miss you...oh and by the way watch the mail in a few weeks not sure how long it will take lol