Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It has gotten cold here in London. It has snowed (though really sporadically) the past three days. Though I know the weather is nothing like back home, it still has me asking Where's the Love London?! I attribute this latest turn of temperatures to giving me a cold. And a doozy of one. Fingers crossed that I will feel much better by Friday in time for Dublin.

Let's see...Monday I went to see a performance of Three Sisters by Chekhov at the Lyric Theater. It was a modern interpretation of this early 20th century play. Let me begin by noting that we had to read the play beforehand and I was not a fan. So with little anticipation we headed off to the theater. It was interesting...there were very odd choices made in terms of costume, staging, lighting, characters, etc. To put it frankly, it was very WEIRD. The class had very mixed reactions to it and I think I fell on the side of a negative response. Something just didn't work for me. It was also the only play we've been to so far in which most of the seats weren't full. We were told we could move up in the theater because of how empty it was. Probably not a good sign to begin with. Started to feel sick during the production too.

Tuesday I had class at Hampton Court, a former tudor castle/homestead of Henry VIII. It was massive! I took lots of pictures, but facebook is currently not cooperating and allowing me to post them. So as soon as I can they will be up. The whole experience was pretty cool. They had an actor dressed as Henry VIII walking around. The grounds surrounding the castle were stunning. Absolutely breathtaking. Yeah, I think I could wake up to that in my backyard everyday. We ran through the maze in the backyard and had a generally good time. Unfortunately, it was beyond freezing all day and I had woken up with a massive cold. So physically I was pretty miserable. When we got home we ordered Domino's (YUM) and very quickly afterword I went to bed. Homesickness struck a bit at this point. Nobody likes to be sick without the comforts of home. Heck, I don't like to be sick in the Forest without having mom to take care of me. But I talked to mom and Meg at tried to sleep it off.

Woke up today feeling marginally better. We had class for a bit, and then my friends I decided to explore Soho for a while. Again, due to the frigid temps and my desire to recover quickly we headed back. Now, I'm working on a paper, getting organized for Dublin, and trying to write postcards. It will be an early to bed night for sure. This will likely be my last post till Sunday at some point, as I will not be bringing my computer with me on our trip. Tomorrow is a very busy day. Off to the National Portrait Gallery and another play tomorrow night.

Bon voyage.

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