Thursday, February 18, 2010

Other Misc Thoughts

Here are some last minute random thoughts:

Baked potatoes are called Jacket potatoes here.  I've been making baked (or microwaved) potatoes for lunch a lot because they are sooo cheap and delicious.

I realized yesterday was Ash Wednesday which led to two thoughts: A. I really need to find a good church to attend a couple of times while in London.  B. I'm giving up KitKats for Lent.  They've become my chocolate of choice.  For some reason they are soo much better here than at home. I think it's the quality of chocolate.  Anyways, once I had finished half the package I bought from Tesco only the day before I realized I had a bit of a problem  Knowing me, I'm sure I'll find a replacement soon enough.

I love all of the live music here. I feel like everytime I go out I get to see live music which is so fun. Next, I'm in search of a good karaoke bar.

I'm on my fourth week here. I can't believe I'm halfway through my time in London.  Where has the time gone?

Lady Gaga was in my neighborhood this past weekend for the Brit Awards.  There's this giant concert space about a 10 min walk from me. So mad we didn't know about it until the day after.  And on the topic of celebrity news, Alexander McQueen, the designer, killed himself in the same neighborhood I was in a last week on the same day I was there. Crazy coincidence and sad news.  London Fashion week starts on Friday.

Oh, and finally, I totally miss the Olympics.  I'm rooting in spirit though.

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