Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Alas it's Sunday once again.  I seriously don't know where the time goes anymore.  I now only have one weekend left until I leave London.  Anna and I fly out bright and early on March 19th for Belgium.  Very excited.  Much to do in the next two weeks.  Two finals. Two final projects. Multiple plays to read.  It's going to be hectic.  Oh yeah, and I still have major exploring to do.  I'm currently eating breakfast and watching Criminal Minds (Thanks for getting me hooked mom).  Off to a bit of a late start.  Let me backtrack a bit and get you all up to speed.

Thursday was a really busy but fun day.  For class we went on the Spitalfields walk.  The area is a big business area.  The architecture was pretty interesting and brand new.  The area almost has a Chicago kind of feeling to it.  I guess the clean lines and colors of the buildings reminded a bit of home.  It was an absolutely beautiful day out.  We then walked towards Brick Lane which has a ton of vintage shops and a very eclectic feel.  Then we went to this place called Dennis Seaver's house.  Apparently an American in the 70s bought a house from the 1700s and decided to restore it to its former glory.  You aren't allowed to speak at all and are supposed to pretend as though you have walked back in time.  The detailing on this home is incredible.  Everything from the floors, to the smells is ridiculously authentic.  It was a very cool and very bizarre at the same time.  Thursday night we went to see a production of Ghosts.  The director was actually one of the lead actors. It was a pretty interesting production.  The lead actress was amazing.  Not my favorite play but certainly very interesting. 

Friday I had class and afterwards I really wanted to go to a bookstore.  I went and picked up a copy of Harry Potter.  A. I'm in London and it's seems utterly appropriate.  B. I really needed a fun book. C. I went to Oxford yesterday and got to see where they filmed parts of the Harry Potter movies. (Incredible!)  Friday night we went out for a bit and called it an early night.

So, OXFORD! Yesterday my roommate Laura and I decided to go see Oxford.  A guy I know from Lake Forest is going there for the semester. We're class friends and I don't know him really outside the classroom. But since I was in the area I gave him a call.  He ended up serving as our tour guide for the rest of the day.  It was spectacularly beautiful.  We explored the area, learned all about the many Oxford colleges, and had a really good time.  We then went to see a rowing competition.  Rowing is hugeee at Oxford.  It was another beautiful day.  Laura and I totally nerded out. It was one of those moments that you have to step back and remember where you are. We were at Oxford on a beautiful day watching the Christ Church rowing team kick ass and take names. Pinch me.  We then went out to dinner with Paul (the LFC kid) and a bunch of his friends to a pub.  It was a really good time. There were serious intellectual debates going on which was really entertaining and refreshing.  Just a seriously awesome night.  We went back to Paul's flat, bought a bottle of wine, met his roommates, and then went out to another pub.  We just sat there for a couple of hours talking and laughing.  Around midnight Laura and I realized that we had a two hour bus ride home so we called it a night.  I seriously need to thank Paul for showing us around and entertaining us all day.  It was simply fantastic. 

Now I think I'm going to go to Hyde Park and perhaps explore the top two floors of the Tate Modern.  We'll see where the day goes.  I have to read Measure for Measure and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof tonight so I'll be plenty busy. 

Two weeks left in London...

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to oxford! Just kidding. Sounds like you had fun!