Sunday, March 14, 2010


So, it's my last Sunday of my last weekend in London.  Sad.  And what does the day have in store? Homework. Mounds and mounds of paper writing.  The sun is shining.  I think it's taunting me.  I would much rather be out exploring in my last couple of days but I suppose it's not to be.  I have two major papers, two major finals, packing to do, letters to send, life to get in order between now and Thursday.  On a positive note, I head to Belgium on Friday. Woot. Woot.  So I'm going to suck it up and get things done. The past couple of days have been very interesting.

On Wednesday night we went to London Assurance at the National Theater.  My roommate Laura and I decided to go early to check out the bookshop.  Once we got there, we discovered we had enough time to grab some cocktails at a restaurant called Giraffe next to the theater.  They had half price drinks for Happy Hour and we devoured some pina coladas. Yum.  Then we headed to the show.  London Assurance was really funny.  It was different from all of the other plays that we had been to so far.  The British audience lovedd it and while some of the jokes went over our American heads it was really enjoyable. 

On Thursday we had a class cancelled due to the professor being sick.  So I decided to make pancakes and eggs. After some trial and error they turned out rather delicious. My first pancakes in two months! After that I headed to Oxford Circus for what turned out to be a particularly frustrating day of shopping.  Let's just put it this way, the British don't have curves like we Italian Americans everything I could find was a skinny jean.  Doesn't work for me.  So I headed home, grabbed some internet time and made some dinner.  Laura and I then decided to take advantage of the cheap drinks at Giraffe again.  Call it a study break.  So we headed back and picked up some drinks and dessert.  Cheescake. YUM.  Good food and a good friend made it a successful night.  By the time we got back I was thoroughly content and sleepy.  Passed out without doing a stitch of homework.  Meh.

Friday we got up and got ready to go to meet our professor. Now, due to poor communication we didn't know she had rescheduled Thursday's class to Friday.  So we waited in the wrong location for a half hour.  We called our program director to ask what was up; Sarah (that day's professor) had not given us her cell number. So frustrating.  When word finally came back we were forced to meet up with her in a different part of town.  So we finally got there an hour later and were perturbed to find her unapologetic and even angry at us (the whole class).  We were in for a very longgg class. 3.5 hours later we made it back to 270.  My roommate Laura, angry about missing a skype date, and I headed to the King's Head for a pint and internet connection.  Frustrating day. We decided to shake it off and have a good night.  We ended up at a club in Earl's Court with a great DJ and no cover. Success!  After grabbing some kebobs on the way home, we crashed. 

Yesterday Laura and I went to Cambridge! We explored the city and the many colleges.  There was a really cool market in the center of town and we just had a really fun time wandering.  It actually looked a lot like Oxford.  We grabbed some dinner at a mexican restaurant satisfying our constant craving for tex mex.  Really good tacos with cheese melted at the bottom of the tortilla.  We still had some time before our return bus and we went in search of a pub.  We got a couple of pints and ordered a dessert to share. (Can you see a trend forming?) We wanted to be adventurous with our selection and picked Banoffee Pie. BEYOND AMAZING. It bananas and carmel and the softest pie crust imaginable.  So sweet and an agreed upon favorite.  I should look it up to find out exactly what we ate. Wonderful wonderful.  We headed back to the bus and headed back to Londontown.  On the way, I'm rather sad to say, I finished my copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I always forget how much I love those books.  There is something so satisfying and yet so sad about finishing a good book.  I guess it's a sentiment that only book lovers will understand.  I hate to the leave the world of Hogwarts behind.  I do have a book I need to read for class so I suppose it's a good thing to be done. 

Thoroughly exhausted from the busy day, we had a girl's night and watched Sex and the City...And now we're back to the present.  I should go make some breakfast and get my busy day started.  Oh, and a shoutout to Granny and Puppup. Thanks for the wonderful St. Patty's Day card.  I found it on my bed when I returned from Cambridge and it was a great surprise.  I love that my little blog has readers and I hope you're able to see a bit of the world from my eyes as I encounter adventure after adventure.

Papers await.

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