Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Say You Want a Revolution

Ahh Wednesday...Hump Day...I'm currently sitting in a pub called The King's Head mooching their free internet and devouring overpriced (but delicious) nachos with my roommate.  I've been jam packing my days with exploring London in my precious remaining time.  You know the drill by now.  I'll backtrack a bit...

Monday night I went to see Measure for Measure with my class at the Almeida Theater.  It was wonderful and the actors created really dynamic and interesting characters that I didn't expect.  The stage was really interesting and there were two moving walls that created the backdrop of four different settings.  I would give the performance a solid A- (cuz there's always room for improvement).  So it was a nice night at the theater.  Afterwards I headed to McDonald's to mooch off of their free internet until about 1 am.

270 officially does not have internet between now and our departure from London.  Ultimately frustrating and leaving us all scrambling for internet cafes and ambiance a bit nicer than McDonald's. 

Anyways... On Tuesday we had class at the Soane Museum which was pretty interesting.  After that I headed to King's Cross to meet up with my roommate and visit Platform 9 3/4 which was cool.  However, the station was under construction so 9 3/4 is tucked away back in a hard to find corner.  It will be nice when renovations are over with but for now it's kind of a let down.  We took some obligatory photos and went in search of the British Library.  The British Library was pretty cool.  They had this exhibit that held (among other things) some original writings of DaVinci, early copies of Shakespeare, early editions of Alice and Wonderland, hundreds of years old Biblical texts...the list goes on and on.  It was totally totally cool.  A couple of exhibitions had closed the day before so there wasn't much else that we could explore.  So we went to the bookstore, and I picked up some pretty neat postcards.  I've decided to start an elephant postcard collection.  I found a really neat postcard at St. Paul's with elephants on it and bought it for myselft.  And then I saw a really cool elephant postcard at the library and so a collection is born.  Elephants are my fav animal and you'd have to see the postcards to believe me, but they're lovely.  We headed back to 270 and I went to find internet once again.

Last night I went to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  OMG! IT WAS FANTASTIC! Excuse the intense use of capitals but it was just that good.  The acting was INCREDIBLE.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole thing.  The stage was wonderful.  By far my favorite play I've seen so far.  I had tears in my eyes by the end.  So powerful, so moving.  Yes, I'm gushing.  No, I don't care. You would too if you'd just seen it. Trust me.  I left the theater shaking with enthusiasm.  I'm writing my final paper for my theater class on the production and I'm actually excited to write it.  Woot. Oh, and it was the first time I'd seen American accents on stage since being here and there was something rather comforting about that southern drawl.

Today I had class and got to meet the actor who played Angelo in Measure for Measure.  He was incredibly well spoken and one of my favorite character depictions in the play.  He was absolutely fascinating and provided some very interesting insight into the play.

After class we went in search of Abbey Road (hence the title of the blog).  We took a couple of photos while trying to dodge traffic.  Then we signed the wall and joined thousands of others in our tribute to The Beatles.  What a historic place! And now I will never get Hey Jude out of my head...

Tonight is our last play for class.  We're seeing London Assurance at the National Theater tonight.  It will be so weird not going to plays once we get to Florence.  I bought tickets to Les Miserables next week so at least I'll have one more play to look forward to. I have so much homework to do and I'm steadily checking things off my list.  Only a few more "Must dos" before I leave Londontown left on my list. 


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